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About Chargrove Orchard

The site offers an opportunity to establish an inclusive, residential-led development at Up Hatherley, which relates well to the urban area including support for, and expansion of, community facilities. Set within a strong landscape framework, the development will also provide an improved, defensible green belt boundary.

Development could deliver up to 500 new homes, of which 40% will be affordable homes, in a variety of size and tenures, as well as an extension to the existing neighbourhood centre. We would also like to support a new farm shop and cafe. The development can provide improvements to public transport connections, support the extension of local bus routes to the employment hub in the west, protect and enhance Public Rights of Way including the Cheltenham Circular Path.

The development will be set within a high quality landscape setting, including: new and retained tree planting, Public Open Space and play areas; ecological corridors, drainage features; and an enhanced landscape edge along Up Hatherley Way and Chargrove Lane. Development will filter out towards the countryside boundary to establish a strong green edge softening its visual impact. We are also creating new allotments to support the new farm shop and orchards.

Site Location