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Anyone involved in undertaking a public consultation can set up a Consulting You online resource – click onto the short explanatory video above to see just how simple it is.

Every scheme website is assigned its own dedicated URL and access to the site and the materials, questionnaires, responses and other assets behind it can be selectively shared across multiple users – planning consultants, developers, agents, community engagement consultants, architects, PR companies and other professionals – with no additional cost.

Feedback, during the pre-application period especially, enables you to amend plans ahead of application – significantly improving the chances of gaining consent without further modifications.

Critically, using Consulting You means you can readily demonstrate real proof that you have fully met your legal obligations under the Localism Act to carry out thorough, transparent, meaningful public engagement.

Setting up your site takes just a few hours and, once you’re happy with its look and feel, you can then use it to:

  • Promote workshops, events, registration and exhibitions
  • Share development details and capture community feedback – quickly and easily
  • Undertake surveys and questionnaires online – and with a print download option
  • Update stakeholders and share scheme developments – at intervals or as they happen
  • Use the backend reporting tool to collate and analyse feedback across multiple fields
  • Provide comprehensive Statement of Community Engagement reports – readily exporting collated comments and survey results in a variety of formats