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Housing (and other development) Policies

  • Herefordshire Council’s overall plan commits to delivering 16,500 new homes (plus a contingency) by 2031.
  • The plan includes a specific target for the delivery of 900 houses, again plus a contingency, in Ross-on-Wye.
  • Around 900 are already built or have permission, so not that much to do.
  • But, local people felt that the Neighbourhood Plan should include as much as possible to keep things under the maximum local control.
  • Some housing sites can be formally ‘allocated’ - see the areas in purple on the plan below.  These would deliver around 70 houses plus some allotments.
  • One big and very important area – a whole currently poor quality ‘wedge’ out of the town – we've called Broadmeadows/Tanyard and that is shown in orange on the map below.  
    This cannot be formally allocated because of the enormous amount of expensive technical work that would have to be done to justify allocation, but it is in the plan as a development to be supported. 
    This large area would be for a mixed development – houses, offices, employment use, public open space and so forth.
  • All developments would be carefully controlled through the other main plan policies outlined in Emerging Policies