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Steering Group

A team of local volunteers have formed a Steering Group to lead and coordinate the process of creating our Neighbourhood Plan. The group is formally a sub-committee of the Town Council, but membership is open to any interested person. 

Any resident or person with a legitimate interest in the town can be a member of the Steering Group but if you own property affected by a proposal you'd have to declare an interest with respect to that site. You could make representation to the Group in relation to that site, but not to be part of decision making on that issue. Any input made by an individual on any matter could be deemed non-persuasive by consensus or majority.

The Steering Group is not now due to meet until after the Reg. 14 Consultation has been completed and we have the responses collated for consideration. As things are at present, that meeting will not happen until at least mid January 2019.

Please email our Clerk to be added to the email list for the Steering Group. 

The Steering Group meeting minutes are all on the Ross-on-Wye Town Council website.

The Steering Group and other volunteers have typically met on the 3rd Thursday of odd-numbered months, though this has become less frequent as fewer decisions are needed.
The Steering group will not now meet until the Regulation 14 consultation has been completed and the resulting comments collated for action; probably January 2019? 
The best way to contact the Steering Group and find out details of the next meeting is by email:

The Steering Group is being supported by Place Studio, a small consultancy with skills in planning, design and landscape. At the core of Place Studio’s approach is a focus on enabling communities to engage fully in shaping their own places.

We have also had a Working Group in place, helping to look at specific issues and move the plan forward into detail. We have run workshops with them and several group members have been undertaking some very important (and very good!) evidence colection work for the plan.

Depending on comments received in the Public Consultation (formally Regulation 14 stage) we may be asking for more people to get involved with this work so, if you would be able to spare some time please get in touch.