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The process from here

Phase 4: Formal consultation- November 9 - December 21, 2018

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan is (at last!) out for consultation and comment (so-called Regulation 14).

From then on, these below are the final - and often rather tedious but very important - stages:

Resolving comments from the consultation, and Plan finalisation.

A final, formal stage of consultation and any appropriate changes to the Plan.

Phase 5: Early 2019

Submission and independent examination

An independent Examiner will evaluate the Plan to make sure it meets various regulations and laws.

Phase 6: Spring 19

(All being well from the Examination) Referendum and ‘making’ of the Plan

The Plan must gain a majority of votes cast in our area before it can be formally ‘made’ part of the statutory Local Plan for Herefordshire.