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About Consulting You

How did Consulting You come about?

The concept comes from a frustrated Community Engagement Consultant who knew the value of online engagement, appreciated bespoke web sites were expensive and understood no one ever wanted to spend more than they absolutely have to on Community Engagement.

“What I want” said the Community Engagement Consultant “is to be able to make a low cost web site that lets me share all my valuable information with local residents. If I could also create research questionnaires and gather useful feedback from all the people who want to have a say about a planning application, that would be even better. But how could I create such an amazingly clever facility?”

By happy co-incidence, she knew a talented web designer and an equally talented web developer who were also persuaded of the beauty of the idea, which led to the creation of Consulting You.

Consulting You

A user friendly web site designed with planning consultants, architects, developers and community engagement consultants in mind.

Consulting You enables you to build your own low-cost web site to support your community engagement, for a fixed cost and for as long or as short a time as you need. Share development details and capture feedback from local communities quickly and easily; demonstrate levels of community involvement through detailed reports that can be dropped into the Statement of Community Engagement.

Consulting You Web Services Ltd
2 Fernbank Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6PZ

Registered office: 2 Fernbank Road, Redland, Bristol BS6 6PZ
Registered number: 08334172

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