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An update on PG's Revised Plans Nov 19

Below we have detailed the main changes PG has made to the scheme. These have been made in response to feedback and in discussion with CAG: 

  • The revised drawings show the primary change that relates to the 4th floor of Block A at the northern end (Ashley Road façade)
  • This floor has been pulled back from Ashley Road to reduce its prominence and visibility, which will improve the street scene from all angles on Ashley Rd/Picton Street
  • This has reduced the mix of flats in this building
  • In accordance with Security by Design considerations the main entrance to Block A has been altered. The curved walls have been straightened to remove the recess in front 
  • Windows facing Hepburn Road have been restored to design agreed in the original planning application. 

Whilst all the floorplan and elevation PDFs are listed below you can also find all the documentation  on the council website. Please follow this link