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May 18 Update

Carriageworks and Westmorland House Update 02/05/18

Bat Licence: The Bat Licence has been informally granted and we are just confirming the details with the ecologist and Natural England –The working method is being finalised with the ecologist in early May. Finalising this will enable Wrings to start gutting the interiors of the Carriageworks building w/c 8th or 14th May depending on ecologist’s agreement.

Carriageworks Façade Retention: The proposed façade retention is also agreed. This means that finally the building can be accessed and the basement investigations carried out. Once these are completed, Wrings will finalise design and begin erection. We can’t give you an exact timescale just yet, because we don’t know what will be found during the investigations, but will be in touch as soon as we know. 

Croft Dale: Access scaffolding for the building at the Croft Dale end of the site was put in place to enable the asbestos surveying that we need to do, this has been completed and asbestos if being removed from the site this week.  In addition to scaffolding on PG Group’s side of the site building, we needed to have a Party Wall Agreement in place with the owner of Croft Dale. Both this and the issue of a 14-day notice have been done. Wrings plan to start to erect a flying scaffold over the roof of Croft Dale, starting on 4th May.  Demolition of this building will start once the scaffold is complete and this is planned for w/c 14th May.

Westmorland House: You will have noticed the scaffold protection that has been erected around this building to give Wrings safe access. Both this and the asbestos survey have now been completed. Removing the asbestos from the site starts once the removal process has been properly assessed for safety.

External hoardings: A site notice board is in the process of being finalised and will be placed on Ashley Road near the site entrance. Information can be added daily by Wrings. They are also hoping to add hoardings to the Ashley Road access this week. So progress is being made, please contact me with any questions or concerns.