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August Update

Here is the latest update direct from PG Group and Wrings, specifically covering the facade retention, protection scaffold and traffic management, with timings for the next phase of work at Carriageworks and Westmoreland House:

• Carriageworks: Wring’s are awaiting traffic and pedestrian management to be approved by BCC, and plan to start façade retention to carriage works w/c 20/08/18, the retention system should take 4-6 weeks to complete. Following the retention system being installed, the rear of the Carriageworks can be demolished, this should take 2 – 3 weeks to complete.

• Westmorland House: The protection scaffold to Westmoreland will start going up w/c 20th August - this retention and scaffolding system should take approx. 4-6 weeks to erect. The removal of asbestos to Westmoreland House is starting this week (6th August)and should also take approx. 4 – 6 weeks to complete, so worst case scenario, barring any unforeseen issues,  both will be completed around the w/c 24th September. Once the scaffold protection to Westmoreland is erected and asbestos is removed, the building can be demolished, subject to finalising the Party Wall Agreements with neighbours at 108. The demolition will use a mix of hand and machine techniques and is anticipated to take approx. 8-weeks and be completed by w/c 19th November.

• Traffic management Stokes Croft: It is the scaffold and façade works that will require the temporary pedestrian and traffic management arrangement that we have mentioned previously. Three important and positive points: 

1. There will still be two way traffic on Stokes Croft as both lanes will be retained, although both lanes will be  marginally narrowed

2. The pavement on the Carriageworks side of the road will be closed temporarily and a controlled signal crossing will be installed near the Post Office to let pedestrians cross safely. This will be in place for up to 4-6 weeks to allow the façade retention system to Carriageworks and protection to Westmoreland House to be erected.

3. Once the façade and scaffolding systems are in place, the pavement will be re-opened and a 1.5m pedestrian footpath, lined with appropriate heavy duty traffic barriers for safety, will be installed along the front of the Carriageworks and Westmorland House. The businesses on the corner of Stokes Croft/Ashley Road - Café Kino, The Arts Café and the Here Gallery - will be fully accessible during these works. To take a look at the detailed traffic management plans scroll dowm to the images and PDF below. 

• Traffic management Ashley Road: No road closures or pavement closures on Ashley Road during the demolition works.