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Demolition starts at Westmorland House

Work has started on the demolition of  Bristol's Westmorland House, a derelict six storey office block that has been a blot on the Stokes Croft landscape for over thirty years. The long awaited project also includes preservation of the impressive facade of the adjoining grade two listed Victorian carriageworks. To celebrate the event, members of the local Carriageworks  Action Group (CAG) who have long campaigned for this moment to come, were invited onto the site to see the demolition begin. 

PG Development Director Stuart Gaiger, said this was a truly momentous occasion. "There has been a considerable amount of  preliminary ground work to be done since we acquired this site in November to provide 112 homes and twelve business units but now our contractors are poised to begin the actual demolition, " he said. 

CAG Chairman Lori Streich said the group had been working since 2011 to insure the inspirational regeneration of the site in line with the community vision. "We are delighted that PG are now starting the demolition of Westmorland House which is a huge step in the history of the site," she said.

See the demolition here and read more about the Demolition Time Plan below

There will be more visible activities on site in preparation for the demolition work that is planned - see the time plan below. This will include a carefully engineered lattice scaffold that will be craned into place as protection to No 108 Tuckett House, making sure Westmorland House can be removed without  impacting on this neighbouring building. As with Croft Dale, a significant amount of hand demolition will be used over the first couple of weeks for this part of the demolition, with the big machinery arriving later in  the month. Wrings are on track to complete this task by Christmas.   

Westmoreland House -  Demolition Time Plan

  • By Monday 5th November - Scaffold protection system to the front elevation and party wall over 108 Stokes Croft planned to be completed
  • W's/C 5th and 12th November - A crane will lift the lattice beam scaffold support to allow Wrings to install the party wall protection without using 108 for support. Hand demolition to the adjacent wall to 108
  • W/C 19th November - High reach demolition rig is planned to commence work. Wrings have thoughtfully arranged for the rig to be delivered in the latter part of W/C 12th November and early in the morning before the commuter traffic builds up.
  • By Christmas - Demolition of Westmoreland House  is planned to be complete by Xmas

Carriageworks - Demolition Time Plan

  • W/C 5th November -  Scaffold protection to the party wall on 102 Stokes Croft will commence
  • W/C 5th November - Scaffolding retention system to the external elevation is complete and the pavement re-opened with pedestrians in a protected walkway in the road. This will be good news for all the local shops and cafés, particularly Café Kino and Love Bristol, a big thank you to them both, as we appreciate the safety signage has been a bit tricky for them as they are particularly close the site works
  • W/C 5th November - Scaffolding retention system to the internal elevation installation, this will include digging some foundations and then erecting the scaffold internally
  • W/C 19th November - Careful hand/machine demolition of the party wall to 102 and the back wall of the Carriageworks will commence,  following the hand demolition on Westmoreland House

By Christmas the demolition should be completed ready for further archaeological activities that will be  taking place on site in the New Year 2019.