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About the Main Building Contractor

Bray and Slaughter are the main contractor for the site. Also Bristol based and have over 117 years of specialist experience including Heritage, Conservation and Residential sectors so they understand the exacting nature of work each of these sectors requires. They are also very aware of the location of this site, within a busy area and will aim to run the project with the utmost consideration for local residents and businesses.

Safety will also be of paramount importance and to demonstrate Bray and Slaughter’s health and safety ethos they have recently received a Gold Award by RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents). RoSPA Gold Award winners have achieved a very high level of performance, demonstrating well developed occupational health and safety systems, culture and an outstanding control of risk. 

In addition to constructing the project, B&S will also be responsible for meeting the Employment Planning  Condition and  will be looking for local people to fill the Apprenticeship Scheme places on the site.

The Bray and Slaughter team for this project will be:
Grant Jefferies – Managing  Director
Matthew Cooper – Operations Director
Andrew Evans – Contract  Manager