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Demolition Works

Important update on demolition work at The Carriageworks

Wrings have been on site since February removing foliage around the site, especially No 4 Ashley Road. It has become very apparent that this building is in a far more fragile state than was previously thought. At a project meeting today, Wrings reported on the state of this building and given the importance of Health and Safety, the decision has been made to bring forward the demolition of N0 4. Starting on Wednesday of next week, 14/2, Wrings are going to carefully reduced the building in a controlled manner. This will allow Wrings to open up the site to allow better site set up and access for the archaeologist. It will also make it safer for machinery moving around the site.

Time lapse cameras have been live since Tuesday 13th Feb, recording the entire process.  

This page will update you on the Carriageworks facade retention and Westmoreland House demolition, coupled with partial demolition of the Carriageworks.

W/C - 5th February:

  • Wring Group (demolition contractors) have moved some heavy equipment onto site, ready for future use. This won’t be used for some weeks.
  • Over the next few weeks they are doing their investigation works of the various structures, asbestos removal, site clearance and prep etc.

Full details of their programme are shown below and is just as updated at the last public meeting:

The Wring Group is the main contractor for this phase of the works. John Wring and his team joined the Community Meeting on Wednesday 10\1 and made a brief presentation covering their outline plans and the methods they will be using to protect the facade and demolish the elements that need to come down.

Because the many places on the site (the basements for example) are unsafe to access until the building has been secured, not all questions could be answered, however Wrings have committed to sharing information as soon as it is available and confirmed. So, here is where we are today and the proposed works that will take place over the next 3-4 months:  

What is the proposed timing?


  • On-site activity is ongoing, including asbestos surveys, design works and the process of finalising the statutory notifications. 

February - March

  • Site set up - including fencing and welfare facilities
  • Undertake environmental clean of site
  • Working with ecologist on vegetation and leveling the ground
  • Installation of facade retention to the Carriageworks. Scaffold protection to Westmorland House
  • Closure of pedestrian pavement from Carriageworks (by Best Supermarket) to end of Westmorland House FOR APPROX 6 WEEKS ONLY
  • Installation of pedestrian access crossing point by Best Supermarket

Traffic Management: Wrings are currently working closely with Highways to agree carriage widths, BUT a two-way traffic flow on Stokes Croft will continue throughout these works and the life of the site.  


  • Once the facade retention and protection system is in place, the pavement will be reopened with a tunnel to enable pedestrians to pass by the works in safety. 
  • On-site demolition will start along with various other buildings on the site, Carriageworks structure - not the facade - and the Westmoreland House building. 
  • To view the video of Wring's Redcliffe Street Facade demolition CLICK HERE

Recycle. Reclaim. Re-use.

Wring will follow the Demolition and WRAP Protocols in order to recycle, reclaim and re-use as much of the material arising as practical. Using the most up to date recycling equipment, most of the recycling operations will be recycled on site to reduce transportation. This recovering and recycling of all types of construction materials from wood to concrete, avoids all but the most essential use of landfill; concrete is crushed into different grades of aggregate, meeting construction needs, metal and timbers are processed, screened and segregated; bulky materials are removed mechanically.