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On site activity update September 2020

For those of you who can’t actually see the work being done but hear the noise, we've added images below to show the current work Hope this is helpful.

Image 1 - The green hatched area shows where remediation has been completed so far, the red hatched area is remaining concrete floor slab to be removed. It’s been slow progress given the concrete so far has been a mixture of 1-2 metres thick reinforced concrete with several tonnes of inbuilt steel beams.

Image 2 - The beams are visible on the bottom left of the image and the images below.

Image 3 - Not as visible is the reinforced concrete that sat underneath the girders - image 3 shows the machine which removes the concrete slabs.  

All of this work has added to the timeframe significantly.  The work is now about 85% completed, including the slab removed from behind Westmoreland House, it is expected that at least one more steel beam will be uncovered.

Image 4 - Shows the brick retaining wall which needs to be removed. 

Going forward, whilst there will of course be some noise as there is with any construction site, it will be at a lower level. Unfortunately until the concrete and steels are removed, very little else can take place, the underlying ground conditions and structures have always been an unknown and have contributed to what is already a challenging city centre construction site as well as adding significantly to the groundworks budget so PG is doing their best to expedite this as quickly as possible.  

So just to confirm; PG expects these works to be completed at the end of next week, the caveat being there is still the possibility of finding other structures in the ground. A further update will be sent out next week and we thank you for your patience whilst we’re doing our best to complete this phase as quickly and safely as possible.