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Update on minor changes to the current planning permission

The PG Group is making some minor changes to the current planning permission. These include:

  • Small non material changes to the front of Westmoreland House including infilling recessed balconies and amending windows
  • Some small alterations to the Carriageworks roof scape (Block C) to allow the core to extend to the top storey
  • Reconfiguration of internal accommodation for Block A, the new build residential block to improve efficiency, allowing an increase in the number of units in the building without changing the footprint of the block. This will include an increase in the height of the step back facing Ashley Road on floors 4&5
  • Reconfiguration to increase the number of commercial units on the ground floor of Block A following removal of ground floor residential onto the main courtyard
  • In early 2019, PG Group will look a new application for Block D to increase the affordable housing content with a single additional storey of four residential¬†units for affordable housing. The two ground floor apartments will change to 2 additional commercial units. ¬†